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I started True Star Leadership based on the simple notion that employees deserve good leadership. Unfortunately, most employees work in organizations that do not have strong leaders. In fact, according to the most recent Brandon Hall Group study, 71% of all leaders are not prepared to lead their organization into the future.


Leadership is at a crossroad.


A greater emphasis on leadership and leadership development needs to occur for organizations to continue to prosper. For this to happen, we need to all agree that leadership is a separate expertise that needs unique talents and abilities for one to be successful.


At True Star Leadership, we emphasize

  • The Ability to Develop Employees to their full potential.

  • The Ability to Communicate Clearly and Concisely.

  • The Ability to Make Strategic Decisions.

  • The Ability to Build Strong Relationships.


When leaders have all these abilities, they become successful leaders.
The second underlying belief of True Star Leadership is that leaders are not born, they are cultivated through experience, education, and coaching. We have designed our membership levels to increase individual’s knowledge, use their experience, and to coach them to a higher level of performance.
We also offer leadership assessments that provide leaders insights to their strengths and how they can apply them in their career to be successful.
As part of our consulting services, we offer Strategic Leadership Development Plan Assessments, Leadership Workshops, and Presentations.


Follow the True Star to Leadership Success.

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