Guiding Leaders to Better Performance

At True Star Leadership, we believe that every organization and every employee deserves a great leader. We are betting that you think that as well. According to a recent Gallup study, those leaders who worked with a coach achieved up to thirty-nine percent better business results. In another study, seventy-one percent of employees said that their leader is unprepared to lead their organization into the future. Coaching is the most effective tool for individuals to improve their leadership performance. Read below to start the coaching process and begin your journey to better performance. 

The Coaching Process


Define Your Point B:

When you leave your leadership position, what will your legacy be?
What is your definition of success? What is the most important goal for you to accomplish?
Based on your definition of success, what goal or objective you would like to accomplish within the next twelve months.
How will your life be different when you have successfully completed this goal or objective?

Define your Point A

What are your leadership strengths (superpowers)?
What are your leadership limitations (kryptonite)?
What do your stakeholders say are your strengths? limitations?
What do you love about your job?
What do you hate about your job?
What is holding you back from being successful?


True Star Leadership will guide you

to your Point B from Point A.

True Star Leadership uses certified business coaches to help you achieve your goals, whether that means winning a career promotion, or building a better team, or developing a strategy for a career transition.

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