Leadership Team Development

Leadership Team Development

How do we build better organizations?

By developing stronger leadership teams.

The more effective your leadership team, the better your organizational outcomes will be. In the past, the burden for results rested squarely on the shoulders of a single leader; however, research now suggests that the leadership team is more critical to the success of the organization than a single leader. At True Star Leadership, we see the leadership team as the linchpin to organizational growth.

How well the leadership team works together is critical to the success of any organization.

In talking to our clients about their biggest organizational challenge, they usually talk about the effectiveness of their team to deliver the necessary results. Topics like lack of trust, inferior execution, no role clarity, conflicting priorities, poor decision making, inability to improvise, and unhealthy team dynamics usually come up in our conversations.

What is your organizational leadership challenge?

At True Star Leadership, we have developed the True Star Leadership Effectiveness Program (TSLEP) to help the leadership team work better together. It includes a leadership effectiveness inventory, organizational strategic planning, customized workshops, and coaching. Our goal is to increase the team dynamic, clarify role responsibilities, build a coaching environment, teach leaders the ability to improvise and make effective business decisions using the organization's strategic vision. This six-month program is the foundational work to increase the effectiveness of your leadership team.


We also offer customizable workshops to help your teams work better together.

Coaching for Peak Performance. In this workshop, we work with the team to understand the importance of coaching and how it can help your teammates achieve better business results. While management is about the past, coaching is about the future and finding ways to accomplish the expected business goals.

The Emotional Intelligence Leader: According to the latest social science, emotional intelligence plays a significant part in the decisions we make, and how we relate to others; two crucial aspects of leadership. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of the impact emotions have on their ability to lead.

Setting Direction: Strategic Organizational Vision: In this workshop, the team works to clarify the organization’s mission statement by focusing on those activities that bring the most significant returns.

Be a Superhero: Unleash Your Leadership Potential: Inside each of us is a superhero. In this interactive and engaging presentation, learn how to boost your organization’s leadership potential by tapping into your superpower and using it to overcome your kryptonite. We walk the participants through how your team can unleash their leadership potential, by increasing their awareness around the three factors that influence their behaviors: ego, experience, and emotions.

Work Together, Succeed Together. In this interactive workshop, participants learn how to work together by better understand who they are and how they can work best with their teammates. We use the Judgment Index™ to capture the similarities and difference of team and discuss how individuals can best work together.

Additionally, Using the wisdom of the leadership team we work solving your companies difficulties, by facilitating organizational mastermind groups. In this confidential, comfortable and challenging process, all team members are focused on working on the business to achieve better business results.

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