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Leadership Team Effectiveness Program

True Star Leadership’s™ Team Effectiveness Program focuses on improving the overall effectiveness of an organization by improving the way the leadership team works. Our research and experience show that a well-functioning leadership team can improve business results more than a single leader. On the one hand, this is intuitive because a team individuals will have more influence than a single person. However, most leadership developments focus singularly on one leader, forgetting that nobody works in a vacuum.

True Star Leadership’s™ Team Effectiveness Program focuses on a comprehensive approach - developing the leadership team as a unit. We work to develop collaboration skills, team accountability, strategic decision making and clarifying leadership expectations.

"Only by binding together as a single force will we remain strong and unconquerable.

True Star Leadership’s™ Team Effectiveness Program starts with assessing the team’s potential and developing a strategic vision for how the team works. Under the guidance of True Star’s founding executive director, John Thalheimer, your leadership team will be lead through a process that increases team awareness, builds better relationships, and develops trust, all critical characteristics in high performing teams.

True Star Leadership understands that the most valuable resource a leader has is their time. The focus is always on creating the best learning with a minimal investment of time. A typical engagement is six months long with an average requirement of five hours per month.

Included in True Star Leadership Effectiveness Program:

  • Organizational Leadership Effectiveness Report
  • Leadership Team Assessment
  • Organizational Development Roadmap
  • True Star Leadership Mastermind Sessions
  • Personalized Coaching for All Team Members
  • Organizational Effectiveness Surveys
  • Leadership Training

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Additional Services

Individual Leadership


Using the Judgment Index ®, True Star Leadership assesses individual's leaders to understand better their strengths, their capacity to make good decisions, and their leadership aptitude. The Judgement Index® has been validated in over 30 corporate studies. Each leader will receive a sixty-minute coaching session based on the Judgment Index® report and be provided best next actions to better their leadership ability.



Using Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching™ Program, leaders will be coached during a six month to eighteen-month engagement to improve their leadership effectiveness. The Stakeholder Centered Coaching Program is 95% effective in increasing a manager's performance due to the simple fact that we use the suggestions from the stakeholders to guide the leader’s improvement process.



True Star Leadership offers training on the following leadership topics; Social & Emotional Intelligence, Coaching & Developing for Better Performance, Increasing Influences, Innovating for Results, Workplace Diversity, and Resources Management.

Mastermind Coaching

For Organizations

Using the Mastermind Coaching best practice in your organization brings together leaders of similar levels to increase collaboration & understanding, provides peer accountability and a safe place to challenge organizational assumptions. This program has been used successfully to improve millions of individual’s outcomes.



Working with emerging and executive leaders to find the next generation of leaders and develop an action plan to build their strengths and to give them opportunities to experience leadership in a safe environment.


Strategy Audits

True Star Leadership surveys the organization's stakeholders to understand better the organizational and leadership strategy, the process in place to develop and hire leaders.