Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching

How do we become better leaders?

Through the guidance of a trusted advisor and business coach.


What is a business coach?

Simply put a business coach guides individuals to better performance as a leader. Yet, that does not answer the question, does it? At True Star Leadership, our certified coach helps successful individuals develop the necessary skills and behaviors to become more effective leaders. By working with our clients to understand their challenges and opportunities within the work environment, our coach then provides the necessary guidance to make them more effective in their role.

True Star Leadership offers two methods of coaching.

  1. Coaching Cohorts are guided monthly group coaching sessions that brings together up to 15 peers to discuss challenges they are facing and opportunities to improve their overall effectiveness. We have found that a small group of individuals working together can positively impact all the participants and improve business performance.
  2. The individual coaching program offers one on one time, with a trusted advisor and business coach to concentrate on increasing your leadership effectiveness. For some individuals having their leadership coach allows them to focus on their leadership effectiveness in a confidential space.

Why should I invest in working with a business coach?

 At True Star Leadership, we recognize that there is an investment in resources (time and money) to working with a coach that without a return does not make good business sense. Working with a True Star Leadership Business Coach will improve your leadership effectiveness as measured via one of our assessment tools. Those individuals who have worked with a leadership coach find that their productivity and effectiveness increase across the board.

Let’s Share a Coffee:

For a limited time, True Star Leadership is offering complimentary thirty-minute coaching sessions to help you understand the process and to provide you insights on how True Star Leadership can improve your overall effectiveness.


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