About True Star Leadership

John Thalheimer founded True Star Leadership with the simple notion that organizations and employees deserve great leadership.

He recognized that the current method of developing leadership in organizations was misdirected. The earlier method highlighted the development of the individual in isolation from the rest of the leadership team, failing to create a high-performing leadership structure to lead the organization. John figured that if an organization wanted to get better, the whole of the leadership team needed to improve their leadership abilities and their ability to work together. Based on his research and experience, he developed True Star Leadership’s™ Leadership Effectiveness Program which works to increase the effectiveness of the full leadership team and how they collaborate to meet the organization's objectives.

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Organizational Leadership Effectiveness Report

Leadership Team Assessment

True Star Leadership Mastermind Sessions

Personalized Coaching for Individual Team Members

Organizational Effectiveness Surveys

Leadership Training

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John Thalheimer's Biography

John Thalheimer helps organizations improve their overall effectiveness by developing stronger leadership teams. He has lead organizations in a variety of industries including Hospitality, Entertainment, Retail, Media, and Manufacturing. John holds a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelors in Communication. He is currently writing a book called The Behavioral Algorithm which reflects his belief that managing our behavior is key to successful leadership.

For more information visit www.johnthalheimer.com